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P4C Hope Line

P4C Hope Line

Crawford County’s trauma informed initiative, Peace4Crawford, is launching a county-wide telephone “warm line” to assist local residents and families throughout the duration of the current COVID-19 crisis.
People in need of assistance may call the Hope Line from 9:00 AM–9:00 PM seven days a week:
(814) 724-1116 or 833-491-4673 (toll free)

Calls will be triaged by Women’s Services Hotline staff and referred to one of a group of over 40 trained local volunteers willing to help individuals work through non-emergency challenges as a result of the spread and impact of COVID-19.

Bruce Harlan, Executive Director of Women's Services, Inc., commented that:

"Women’s Services is providing access to the dedicated phone lines as part of a collaborative effort initiated by Peace4Crawford with its mission of preventing and alleviating toxic stress for individuals and communities. This is a very difficult and stressful time for everyone, and our goal is to lend a compassionate presence to those who may need help right now. We have been humbled by the number of people who have stepped forward to help.”