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CHIPP Program

CHIPP Diversionary Shared Housing Program

The CHIPPĀ (Community Hospital Integration Project Program) Program provides services to individuals of Crawford County, 18 years old and beyond, who experience chronic and persistent mental illness. These individuals may have been discharged from the State Hospital or currently living in the community and are at high risk for re-hospitalization. The varying levels of support provided to participants is based on their individual level of need. Participants will be supported in the home and/or community during morning, evening and weekend hours. Program participants receive support identifying their strengths, resources, challenges and barriers in order to begin pursuing established goals for recovery. Participants will build skills in order to self-advocate for themselves, learn about their mental illness and medications, connect to community resources, and build natural support networks to help make the transition to community living successful. Through involvement in this program, it is hoped that individuals will gain the skills needed to achieve a level of recovery that will allow them to live independently, remain out of the hospital and achieve self-fulfillment. Referrals are received through CHAPS as well as Crawford County Human Services Base Service Unit.

Program Coordinator: Doreen Duffy

Phone: 814-373-5078