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Family Peer Support Program

The Crawford County Family Peer Support Program offers skill-building for caretakers that enhances resilience, communication, advocacy and other areas affecting the ability to support a child/young adult, with mental health challenges in the home, school and community. Families are their own best experts on their strengths & needs.

Eligibility: Resident of Crawford County, Caring for a child or young adult (up to the age of 26) with mental health challenges.

Common Services: Information and Referral, Individualized supports to help parents understand their children's needs & access natural supports, Parent education & training to increase knowledge & skills, Intensive family support during periods of crisis, Social activities & events to bring families together and raise awareness, Specialized supports for challenges with systems-child welfare, juvenile courts or schools.

Our Program: Advocate: Provides caretakers with resources and information to foster decision making and advocacy for the whole family. Empower: Promotes skills and builds knowledge to create a safe environment that focuses on growth and empowerment through mentorship and successful outcomes. Navigating Systems: Facilitates connections to services, agencies, activities, training and other families.

Contact CHAPS: Amanda Marcum or Doreen Duffy