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Family Peer Support

Family Peer Support Program

The Crawford County Family Peer Support Program offers skill-building for caretakers that enhances resilience, communication, advocacy and other areas affecting the ability to support a child/young adult, with mental health challenges in the home, school and community. Families are their own best experts on their strengths & needs.

Eligibility: Resident of Crawford County, Caring for a child or young adult (up to the age of 26) with mental health challenges.

Common Services: Information and Referral, Individualized supports to help parents understand their children's needs & access natural supports, Parent education & training to increase knowledge & skills, Intensive family support during periods of crisis, Social activities & events to bring families together and raise awareness, Specialized supports for challenges with systems-child welfare, juvenile courts or schools.

Our Program: Advocate: Provides caretakers with resources and information to foster decision making and advocacy for the whole family. Empower: Promotes skills and builds knowledge to create a safe environment that focuses on growth and empowerment through mentorship and successful outcomes. Navigating Systems: Facilitates connections to services, agencies, activities, training and other families.


Infographic on the Family Peer Support Program

Please contact Doreen Duffy or Amanda Marcum with any questions. 

Doreen Duffy                        Amanda Marcum
814-373-5078                       814-807-9472